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Brass hookah with Nigali mouth piece HUK-4


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HUK-4 Brass Nigali


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Here we present the best quality brass metal hookahs, popularly known as the oriental brass hookahs are being manufactured at our production facility for the last 40 years.

The size of the hookah is 7 inches / 18 centimeter, this is a complete brass metal hookah with detachable mouth piece. This hookah also has the lid that covers the smoking bowl . As these hookahs are made of brass metal they last the life time and are very durable and do not rust.

The brass hookah consists of four parts, the down part is the water chamber that holds the water and the toxic fumes are filtered, the middle part is the stem and the upper most part is the tobacco fumigation chamber and finally the hookah hose through which the authentic flavoured tobacco fumes are inhaled.

The size of the hookahs may vary but the main functionality remains the same. As the concept of hookah smoking originated in the middle eastern countries, a lot of art work is engraved on the hookah. These brass hookahs are hand-made by our master craftsmen.

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