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Percolator Glass Bong with Ash Catcher PGB-5010


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Percolator glass water pipes are the most innovative glass bongs over a period of time now. The percolation technology has totally changed the definition of smoking a glass water pipe or the glass bong. The filtration process and the cooling of the smoke through the bubble technology makes the smoking more pleasurable. The percolator bongs are available in single chamber and multi chamber tubes.

The percolator chamber makes the smoke less harsh and more soothing to the lungs, it ensures the complete weed flavour without having any negative impact on the respiratory system. All our percolator glass bongs come with the extended down glass tube with the diffuser holes at the bottom of the tube.

We have more than 100 different kind of percolator showerheads ranging from rocket percolators, disc percolators, tire percolators, honey comb disc percolator, perforated ball percolator, birds and animal shaped percolators.  With the biggest collection of the percolator glass bongs we are supplying the glass water pipes all over the world.The best quality Heavy Percolator Glass Bongs with ash catcher.

Size : 12 inches / 30 centimeter high

Weight : 450 Grams

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