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Colored Lollies Peanut Glass Pipes MIOP-1017


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Here we present the Exclusive Range of Inside Out Double blown glass Smoking pipes. Popularly known as cheap $1 pipes, $1 hand glass pipes, wholesale peanut glass pipes, small glass pipe distributors, cheap glass pipe suppliers

Size : 3.5 inches /  Weight : 50 grams   

Minimum Order Qty: 200 pieces from each design

Pricing : Prices quoted are the FOB India prices and the shipping will be extra. 

Worldwide shipping to the wholesalers, retailers and the head shops. 

Silverline productions is the  leading manufacturer of hand blown glass pipes, inside out glass pipes, glass spoon pipes, color change glass pipes, American glass spoon pipes, double blown glass pipes, pipe, pyrex, borosilicate, bubblers, inside out, spoons, chillums, water pipes, head pieces, headdies, buy glass pipes   Hand blown glass spoon pipe with frit glass work.


These glass pipes are made in the India from the finest laboratory grade borosilicate glass. Inside out design with genuine silver fumes to give the color change effect. All the glass pipes have a bowl, carb hole and the mouthpiece.

 These glass pipes are hand blown by the finest glass blowers in our factory using the true American colour rods.  The glass blowers hand blow these spoons with the state of art inside out  double blown method which involves thick layering of clear glass over the top of coloured rods and simultaneously infusing the silver fumes to give the astonishing colour effect.


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