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Color change glass bong with shark tooth marble PGB-732


US $6.50/Unit
Total US $130

Shipping US $2.50




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Minimum order: US$ 1000 (you can mix the glass pipes, bongs, grinders, bats and other accessories in a single order)
Here we offer the finest quality hand blown glass bong with shark tooth marble.
Our prices are the cheapest on the market.
Price range: FOB US$ 6.50 - US$ 7.00 (shipping will be extra)
MOQ: 20pcs mix design
Weight/size: 200 grams
Height: 8 inches / 20 centimeter
Worldwide shipping through DHL, FedEx, TNT & USPS

Most of our glass bongs can be used as ice bongs, the central chamber has the ice notches to hold the ice cubes. These ice cubes cools down the inhaling smoke giving the most pleasurable puff.


Our glass bongs are the combination of multi honeycomb discs and the tree percolators or the dome percolators to condition the smoke in the best way.  The glass bongs ranging in 14 inches to 16 inches height are perfectly balanced with the circular base. An 18mm female joint precisely holds the 18mm Male Slide Bowl.  The fixed down stem allows for direct interaction with the water, the honeycomb discs forces the water and smoke to interact and giving the smooth inhale.

The glass bong is richly fumed with silver metallic fumes which gives the bong a color change effect. Our bongs are efficient  with a wide bowl for plenty of smoke and ice notches cut in. The design of our bongs are unique and very functional. As far as quality of our bongs are concerned we are manufacturing the best quality bongs. Our glass bongs are the most economical bongs. 

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