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High quality honey comb glass bong with cat eye marble


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Our company Silverline productions presents the state of the art honey comb glass bong water pipe with detachable smoking bowl in cobalt blue color. The stunning glass bong is silver fumed with pure silver metal. The middle doughnut chamber is richly gold fumed. This glass bong has the stunning appearance. This glass bong is 9 inches in height and weighs 225 grams. This bong is the combination of different glass tubes like the blue colored mouth piece and the color change water chamber. This glass water pipe has the detachable glass smoking bowl. The glass down pipe is directly attached to the glass bong. This glass bong is the smokers' delight. Silverline Productions has been manufacturing and supplying the glass bongs and pipes to the wholesalers, wholesale distributors and the retailers in the USA.
Code : DGB-2531
Size : 9 inches / 23 centimeter
Weight : 225 Grams

Manufacturing and exporting the glass pipes and glass bongs since 1996.

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