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Dab rig glass smoking bubbler OBU-771


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Here we present the most colourful vapour bubblers or the oil rig bubblers. These bubblers are made of laboratory grade glass which is high heat resistant. These are the perfect smoking tools for vaping your precious concentrates and the essential oils. Silverline productions is the manufacturer of variety of glass smoking bubblers. This oil bubbler has the inbuilt down tube that goes down the water chamber. 
The oil bubbler has the 14mm cone and socket joint. The glass concentrate nail slides in the joint perfectly and the 14 mm vapour dome with female joint seamlessly connects with the 14 mm male joint. 
The vapour is pulled down the fixed down stem and gets filtered and cooled by the water. This process results in a smoother inhale which is mild to the throat and lungs. 
The bubbler measures 18 centimeter / 7.00 inches in height and has the broad base that provides the appropriate stability. 

Product Code : OBU-811 
Price range : FOB US$ 6.50 / piece ( Shipping extra ) 

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