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Combo Snuff Bullet Set of 4-Pieces CSBS-08


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Here we offer the high quality  snuff vial and bullet set with following items :

(1). Acrylic top snuff bullet with glass vial, 

(2). Snuff container with extendable arm and

(3). BLACK Anodized Aluminum Snuff Bullets.

(4). PINK Anodized Aluminum Snuff Bullets.

Popularly known as life style COMBO snuff kit,  and 2 pieces aluminum metal snuff bullets.

Our snuff bullet kits are the high quality kit unlike a lot of the cheap versions around , they come in 3 ml, 5 ml and 9 ml vials attached to the acrylic top. Available in 5 different colors the most popular colors are mid night black, dark brown, light brown and the clear transparent glass color. The vials are used for keeping your precious tobacco snuff.

 As a prominent feature, a plastic spatula funnel has been added to the snuff kit. With the help of spatula funnel the precious tobacco snuff can be transferred into the snuff bullet or the snuff vial.

The bullet and the vial is packed in the strong paper box in which the vial is completely safe from any shock or the damage.

Customization : We also provide the bar code sticker on each individual packing.

 Shipping : Worldwide shipping through DHL express delivery at your doorstep.

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