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Silverline productions is the manufactures and exporters of new collection of the glass oil bubblers, these oil glass smoking bubblers are perfect smoking tool when you want to enjoy smoking the concentrates and oils. The remarkable feature of the oil bubbler is the detachable bowl with the female socket dome. Inside the dome there is the glass nail for blocking the smoking stuff falling into the water chamber. The oil bubblers have the male down tube that goes down the water chamber and on the upper part it holds the glass bowl and the nail. The glass down tube is submerged into water and filters inhaling smoke and gives the bubbling effect when the smoke passes through it. We have the whole collection of the transparent glass oil bubblers and the colored glass oil bubblers with swirling patterns of the color glass rods and the latticino patterns on the glass bubbler.

Retro Inside Out Oil Bubbler Cone RCB-004
Price FOB US$2.00
Shipping US $1.00
Min Qty 50
Inside Out Oil Bubbler Cone RCB-005
Price FOB US$1.50
Shipping US $0.50
Min Qty 100